Magic books about the life of angels

Author: Marianna Rosset

Love always gives you wings! All newly born angels grow their wings while sleeping, and when they are loved, their wings grow even faster.


Magic is here, Angels are here, Love is here… This is what the pages of the book seem to whisper to us. A new Life begins!


People intrinsically tend not to notice unusual things, which sometimes even happen right in front of their eyes. And this is wrong! There are so many important, magical signs around us.


Love always gives you wings! All newly born angels grow their wings while sleeping, and when they are loved, their wings grow even faster.


There are those amongst us, who have been entrusted by Angels and Archangels to save the whole of civilisation… Who knows, one of them could be You…





I want to make a wish

Think about your wish for 68 seconds. Repeat it in your head and out loud.

I will think about you

Think about someone close to you for 68 seconds, wish them well. And then send them a postcard.

Do not show them your name and address





Fanyasha: Why Do Angels Need People?

ISBN 978-5-4474-3456-4
145x205 mm, 308 pages

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This book is a journey of discovery. It may just change your life… a little. Those changes will take place in you, and in the world around you. Maybe they will be enough.

A charming baby girl - Efania (Fanyasha, for short) is born to an average family of angels.

Her happy and carefree childhood comes to an end when she finds out that a human is soon to be born – one that she must dedicate her whole life to.

Soon she must go to elementary angel school, where she will learn all about the human world; what it is people live for, why they die, what it means to be a man or a woman, what a mortal child needs in order for it to be happy, and much, much more.

This unusual story of a little, inquisitive angel girl and her family will help you learn not only about the secret lives of these heavenly creatures, but it will also help you understand the laws of our earthly realm, as well as those of the entire Universe.

Having navigated this difficult journey, filled with serious ordeals and wondrous discoveries, Fanyasha comes to realise the meanings of love and friendship, what the reason for her own existence is, and figure out the meaning of human nature? And more importantly: Why do angels need people?

— I still don’t understand how an angel can let a person know that he exists.

— There are many ways. A book, for example.

— A book? How?

— Well, you see, if a person starts reading a book about angels, it means their angel wants to talk to them.

— That’s a great idea, grandma. Where can I get a book like that?

— Where? Why, you can write one yourself!

— How can I write a book for people? It’s impossible. We live in different worlds. People can’t read our books.

— That’s not a problem. Just choose the right person on Earth, talk to that person’s angel, and dictate your book to him. You just have to really want it!


From Fanyasha’s conversation with grandmother Nokomis.

Ksenia Jackson | entrepreneur

This book is probably not for everyone. However, it’s definitely for those women who want to have it all — be happy spouses and mothers as well as accomplished professionals and creators. It’s for dreamers and thinkers. It will give you encouragement and food for thought wherever you are — at a crossroads with a difficult decision to make or in your nursery putting your baby to sleep.

Christopher Pascone | teacher

This book changed my life. It made me realize how fragile our own human existence is, and how much help we need to get through life’s big challenges. This story got me thinking about the mistakes and troubles I’ve had in life, and how lucky I’ve been to have an angel like Fanyasha looking over me. Hooray for angels!

Olga Solomatina | The editor of “Fanyasha. Why do angels need people?”

Marianna, and angels, came into my life during the summer. A girl I hadn’t met had written to me asking me for help with writing a book about angels. Hmm,.. angels, I thought. It would have been easier for me to write about logistics or commercial transport – I know more about those things than magic. At that time I was also helping another author finish a book about ‘applied romance’ - a topic which was also something I knew very little about. Marianna and I met. We discussed the story, and Fanyasha, and even talked about the artwork for the book. That’s how a new file titled “Why do angels need people?” appeared on my computer. As an editor, I read every chapter thoroughly, meticulously, and several times over. Nevertheless, I got very involved in the world of the characters every time I opened the book. Marianna easily creates a new world in which you can lose yourself. I was aware of the basic plot from the very beginning but still, while reading, I felt surprised, happy and concerned for the characters. I realised then that Marianna had succeeded as a writer. As I was going through one of the already edited final chapters, once again after three or four previous readings, I suddenly became aware that what I had read had changed my mood. This is what happens when you read books that are the real deal – they influence their readers, their thoughts and feelings. I believe that Fanyasha and Marianna have big and beautiful future ahead of them. And I’m now waiting for the next one in the series!

“People intrinsically tend not to notice unusual things, sometimes happening right in front of their eyes. And this is wrong! There are so many important, magical signs around us.”

“When your heart is full of love and when you care about someone, nothing in the world can scare you. Everywhere there is love and care, there can be no place for fear. Love is stronger than fear. If you love somebody or something, always remember and cherish it, despite all obstacles.”

“The birth of children - this is probably one of the biggest wonders in the world. This doesn’t just apply to people - even angels cannot be completely sure about who will be born and when.”

“There are five languages of love in the world: the first language is encouragement; the second one is spending time together; the third one is pleasant surprises; the forth one is help; and the fifth one is tactile sensation.”

“Everybody understood and accepted who the master of the house was. It created an atmosphere of respect in the family, a sense of security, calm, and a belief in tomorrow.”

“This is how a family relationship should be: a man’s decision should be unquestionable, and a woman’s care and love should be unconditional. These families are rare even for angels, never mind people.”

Read the first

Read the first

Fanyasha. The other side of love

ISBN 978-5-4474-3456-4
145x205 mm, 308 pages

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For centuries Humanity has been accompanied by Angels – mysterious and beautiful creatures from another world, looking out for and defending People. Efaniya Aros, or Fanyasha, is one of them. She is a young rebel, possessed of an independent nature, a passion for life and infinite mercy. Her unusually (for an angel) great fondness for People creates a lot of difficulties in her interactions with others. She notices how different she is from everybody else. While trying to find answers to her questions, Fanyasha goes through a lot of ordeals, finding friends and discovering new feelings, before she gets to find out why Angels need People, and what the other side of love is.

The books about Fanyasha are wonderful adventures, and though their events take place in an imaginary world, they are very similar to those which could happen every day here on Earth… If only people would let themselves believe in miracles.

Magic is here, Angels are here, Love is here… This is what the pages of this book seem to whisper to us. Read it, and, when you come to the end, let its sense of ease, magic and its whirlwind of emotions take you over. Never again will you doubt that you are loved, or doubt that you have support. And you will know that all kinds of wishes can come true. And a new life begins…

-​ So, Mr Radolir, do you also consider this situation alarming?

-​ That’s somewhat of an understatement, Mr Voridox. The population of the earth is growing, but the number of the enlightened souls remains the same. We don’t even have two thirds of the number required for the Grand Transition. We receive thousands of incomplete “Life Books” every single day. The White Flow sends fewer and fewer newborn angels every year. Thus, in a few decades we will have far more people than angels. As you understand, the awakening of a soul without an angel is impossible. If it carries on like this our civilisation will perish. We won’t even survive the Millennium. The situation is critical!

-​ I am glad, Mr Radolir, that you have finally acknowledged the root of the problem. Therefore, I again suggest that we return to my proposal. If there are too many people, we have a simple but very effective method...

- Mr Voridox! Your proposal is too radical, and under the circumstances…

-​ It is the only hope we have! Colleagues! We, as Archangels, are duty bound to save Humanity from disaster. This is common knowledge. But we also know that people, feeling safe, during peaceable times, are so pre-occupied with their everyday business and petty little worries that they practically sleep walk through their lives. They no longer hear Angels, or perceive their signs. We cannot even prevent accidents, let alone awaken souls! I am, therefore, firmly convinced that the “New Catastrophe” project, offered by myself, is the absolute right choice. Our observations have shown that during wars, natural disasters, or catastrophes, people commit heroic deeds, sacrifice themselves - out of love for their homelands and their loved ones, and their souls awaken very quickly. That aside, Earth’s population will decrease and the threat concerning the shortage of Angels will be removed.

-​ It’s too dangerous! People have created such powerful means of destruction that by trying to save Humanity in this way we risk destroying it completely.

-​ Allow me to disagree with you, Mr Radolir. This time we are taking our previous experience into account. Everything will be under our direct control. And on the subject of experience, let me remind you that during the whole history of this civilisation it has only been wars and cataclysms that have helped us to maintain the order and balance needed. Recall those great moments of Earth’s purification, when thousands of souls, accompanied by Angels, flew to the Reincarnation Center. As for the technological advancements in self-destruction that People have developed – so much the better! In one fell swoop we will be able to free not just thousands, or hundreds of thousands, but millions of Souls! And the Grand Transition will be back on schedule!

Marina Kaul | Professor, Russian State Humanity University (RGTU), Moscow.

I love the kindness and positivity coming from Mariasha and Fanyasha. It’s a pleasure to see them both grow.

Alexey A. Petrukhin | Film producer and director (“Viy 2: Journey to China”, “The Teacher”, and others)

I couldn’t stop reading from the first page to the last. This is worthy of being put on the big screen, and franchised. I can see Kristen Stewart and Benedict Cumberbatch wanting to play in a film about angel Fanyasha.

Victoria Savinova | Photographer, blogger, traveller

Just like a lucky charm, this book charges you with energy, inspires you, and helps you believe that any dream can come true.

Lana Basargina | Book producer

Fanyasha is my first love in the world of books. The theory of three winds turned my life upside down. An energy massage must be pure magic. Cloud surfing is so cool! Bravo to the author’s imagination!

Natalia Bardo | Theatre and film actress

This is yet another reminder that adults need to be told fairy tales more than children. This is one of those little things which we need to make the world better.

Yulia Vertova | DJ, Russian Wave Radio (Limassol, Cyprus)

A good book, when you read at the right time, it becomes a friend and offers answers to those questions that bother you. I simply couldn’t tear myself away from the “Fanyasha” sequel. What a story!

Sanzhita Galdanova

Good evening, Marianna.

The book is very emotional, and contains so much wise advice. The descriptions are wonderful – I feel like I’ve actually been to London with Fanyasha! I cried and worried about her a lot. I can’t wait for the next book. I think Eldoariel and Fanyasha make a great team – as in all the best fairy tales. Thank you very much for the emotional joyride, I felt like I was a child again. I haven’t read literature like that for a long time. It’s brought me such lightness and happiness that I can feel it even when I breathe.

Ksenia Barber | 14 years old, UK

This book is awesome! I really can’t wait for the second part to come out. Fanyasha is both very brave and kind. I also like the angel Eldoariel. And now I want to try cloud surfing.

Ermolov family, Moscow

The whole family took it in turns to read it. Everybody liked something different, but the main thing we found is that Fanyasha’s adventures helped us all to understand each other better. We are now recommending this magical book to our friends. Let their lives become happier too.

“Without the help of Angels, the awakening of a soul is not possible! If only we could allow ourselves to believe in miracles…”

“Magic is here, Angels are here, Love is here… This is what the pages of the book seem to whisper to us. A new Life begins!

“… people, feeling safe, during peaceable times, are so pre-occupied with their everyday business and petty little worries that they practically sleep walk through their lives. They no longer hear Angels, or perceive their signs.”

“Everyone’s soul could be woken by creativity! During the creative process, a person’s heart opens. They start to hear their Angel.”

“Angels and Archangels look for ways to convey the information and knowledge needed for creativity, happiness, love, the Soul, and about the Great Transition. They believe in People.”

“There are those amongst us, who have been entrusted by Angels and Archangels to save the whole of civilisation… Who knows, one of them could be You…”

“Amongst people there are some who are trusted by Angels and Archangels with saving the whole civilisation … who knows, it could be You…”

“Love begets miracles!”

“A child’s cries helps a person to feel this World, to open their heart and dispose of negative energies. The child cleanses the surrounding space and the family’s karma with his cry.”

“It is important to cry your pain out. By pushing it deep down into your heart you make it absolutely impossible to rid yourself of it in the future. How many adult people suffer from this? They don’t understand why, throughout their whole life, they feel this “hole in their heart”. And they don’t know what to fill it with. This is why it’s so important to live through these emotions, at the right time.”

“Nothing in this world happens by ACCIDENT. There’s a reason for everything!”

The book can be bought in online stores:


Marianna Rosset, author

I would like to acquaint you with the main chapters of my own life. Not everything went smoothly, but eventually I came to understand what is important for me:

I would be grateful if you could share this site with those who may find my books interesting:

As I’m sure many other people do, I spent a long time trying to find myself and my purpose in life. This journey took me 33 years. I didn’t just walk, I was running. I ran through my life hell for leather. I tried to do everything, everywhere, conquering new horizons and summits of my own creation.

My childhood and school years provided me with not only joyful, but also sad times. My teenage years were full of fears, uncertainty and worries, from which I formed a firm desire to become successful, wealthy and happy.

I wanted to do it all, in one go: travel, get an education, achieve success, earn money, and have a family.

I managed to travel to 44 countries, and took part in many interesting business projects. At one point I even felt that I had become quite accomplished and content.

It seemed to me that everything was falling into place. All my plans and dreams were coming true. However, I still had a niggling feeling that something important was missing. That’s when I started looking into myself and developing my spiritual self. And so began a new race.

I became interested in psychology, the secrets in relationships between men and women, and all things related to the upbringing of children. And then something I had always hoped for, and always believed in, came true! My life was granted the man I love and a long-awaited son.

Being busy with housework, I carried on making plans for my future personal development and worked out strategies for new projects, which, as I thought then, would help me to find, finally, the meaning of my life.

I knew that I had everything that I had dreamt of, but that feeling of harmony was absent. It had all seemed too easy.

I simply had to stop.

It was at this moment that I was possessed of a phenomenal strength, energy and desire to create and give love. I wanted to share with the whole world the invaluable experience and knowledge that I had gained whilst finding myself. I wanted to tell everybody about the meaning of happiness and love, and why pain and suffering are necessary, where dreams can take you, and how to find your “self” in this big, wide world.

This is how Fanyasha was born... The image of an angel formed itself… New ideas for plot development, character names and scenes would appear in my mind every day. Then I found out that I was pregnant again, and this opened up my creative potential even more.

And so, I started writing a book...

I remember that stage when I experienced such a strong desire to write the book but was fearful at the same time. The scenes from my future book looked clearer and brighter to me with each passing day. I already had the image and knew the name of my main character. However, I understood that I didn’t know where to start, how to develop the plot, or how it should end. Moreover, what was the actual process? How do you actually go about creating a literary work? The uncertainty of it all scared me. I was afraid of the possibility of failure… or even success. The question that worried me was: am I capable of writing a book?

That’s when I decided to sign up for a training seminar to try and find my sense of purpose. It was fascinating. I spent several days thinking, reflecting, analysing. I filled an entire, thick notebook with the notes of my completed homework tasks. Finally the flower of my purpose blossomed with the clear parameters of everything I needed to do: what skills I needed to use, what areas to explore, when to work, where to work, levels of commitment, and many other useful pieces of information. It seemed like it was all coming together: it seemed that being an author was the best occupation for me.

I also had to give myself an honest answer to the very important question: what is more important – the process or the result? i.e., is the writing process really interesting for me or is it just fun for me to imagine the end result? I imagined how great it would be to sign my books, hand them to grateful readers and get wonderful reviews. This meant I was attracted by the result, moreover - a successful one. As for the process – this was a tad more complicated. Having read other writer’s comments about their difficulties and torment during the creative process; sitting for hours in one position, bent over a sheet of paper or a keyboard, I understood that this was possibly not what I wanted.

A little more time went by. I attended various courses and seminars. I busied myself with family life, looking after my little son. I also decided to study further and enrolled as a psychology student. What if that’s my real calling?

The book kept waking me up at night demanding action.

I put up the best fight I could. It sounds funny now, but that’s how it was. I simply didn’t allow myself to start writing. Sometimes I would think how to describe this or that scene. I wanted to have a completed version of the full text in my head, but of course that didn’t work.

Then, I chanced upon an Internet link which took me to a creative writing course run by the editor Olga Solomatina. Maybe it’s a sign, I thought. I sent her a letter explaining both my desire and fear of writing a book. The answer was dry and laconic: Send me a synopsis and the first chapter.

This is it! It’s happening! Only two choices: risk it now or forget about it forever.

I sat down, opened my computer and typed: “Chapter One”. And then an amazing thing happened.

Why didn’t anybody tell me how simple it really is?! All I needed was to start writing!

The process took me over so completely I couldn’t pull myself away from my computer. I devoted all my free time to the book. Words, sentences, chapters, in some magical way seemed to create themselves. It was as though someone else was directing my thoughts, imagination and hands.

From the moment I started writing I felt an inexplicable connection with the world, the universe, higher forces, and with my angel. I understood that I had finally found myself. It’s difficult to explain if you’ve never experienced it. But I would recommend it. It’s worth looking for yourself, search for your place, your business, your destiny. Try it out. Have a go. Risk it! Our obvious talents are just the results of our previous lives, but our real purpose in this life is initially hidden from us. One needs to put some effort into finding this purpose, feeling for it. It will seem that it is not yours, and that it will never work. But this is where you need to go. Although it seems scary, the desire to do so will win out.

As soon as you find your way, everything will change around you. Life will burst forth in new colours, and you will experience happiness and contentedness. Many previously unexplainable events will come together to form one big, beautiful picture, like a giant jigsaw, and you will suddenly understand that nothing in your life happens by accident.

If anybody told me I was going to write books I would have probably laughed out loud.

Being an extreme extravert, and a lover of active pastime activities, I never wanted to do anything that had to be done alone, for lengthy periods, and practically holding the same pose.

What does it mean to write a book? It means sleepless nights, dozens of note-filled notebooks, and thousands of hours spent in front of a computer.

Maybe someone else would have done it differently. But this was my way. Ideas would turn up in my head at any time of day or night, and would not let me go until I finished writing a chapter for them. Sometimes it would take up to nine hours. The most difficult part of working on the book turned out to be physical. It became especially difficult after the sixth month of my pregnancy. My ever expanding belly would make me feel tired long before my head would run out of words.

Nevertheless, I am still grateful to my destiny for giving me the chance, talent and inspiration to write the book!

For me, writing the book meant the beginning of a new life, a new attitude to myself and to the world.

I remember one of the university lecturers saying that one should write a book only if it is impossible for you not to write it. In this case, you don’t have the right not to write it. In other words, the universe is giving you knowledge that you must share.

This is what happened to me.

About a year ago I went through a very sad experience which caused me a lot of pain. I asked myself again and again: “Why did this happen to me?”, but I couldn’t find an answer to this question.

I remember someone once telling me: if you don’t understand why this sad thing happened to you, it means that you simply need it for your own experience. It was however still hard for me to understand why I needed such a sad, hard and painful experience.

I got more involved with psychology and esoterics. I started reading specialist literature and got to know people who were interested in their spiritual development.

After some time had passed, I started to feel overwhelmed with information, and I really wanted to start sharing with other people all of my knowledge and understanding.

I started writing my book… And as the letters became words, and the words became sentences, my Book was beginning to emerge. It was then that I started to notice that the Book, in some mystical way, was helping me find the answers to my own questions. I finally understood why my life had to contain all those terrible, unpleasant, sad and painful events.

It really was all needed for my experience, to be there for me to feel it and to comprehend it, to know how it all works, and to be able to write about it in my Book.

I was writing about things which worried me, about things I went through and felt. I was even writing about things I thought I had long forgot, about things that I had hidden deep inside myself.

While I was writing the Book, I often cried and worried about my characters, I felt happy for them, and laughed with them.

When I finished the first part of the Book, I had this fantastically pleasant sensation of effortlessness, spiritual ease, tranquility and happiness.

To some extent the Book became my personal psychoanalyst. It helped me to find inner peace, to understand, forgive and love myself.

Now I can definitely say that writing a literary work was the best thing I could have done!

I believe that my first book will find its audience, and I will have pleasure in continuing to write.

… Since writing my first book about Fanyasha, I have been frequently asked the same question: In a nutshell… tell us what your books are about?

I could spend hours answering this question. What is it I’m writing about..? There are so many meanings, thoughts, ideas, in every chapter, every line, every word… And every reader finds something that they can relate to – something important and valuable to them… What is the main idea..? What is the message..? Whilst pondering this theme, I wrote a song. And our wonderful team at “Fanyasha Group” created a video clip.

Now in just 3.5 minutes you can find out what it is that I’m writing about.

Why do angels need people?